The concept is conceived…

Dean Groening was born and raised in Canberra, Australia and originally trained as a graphic designer. In 2009 Dean was waiting to attend a meeting in the heart of Australia’s National Capital, Canberra. He had arrived early and was yet to have his first coffee for the day. He purchased a takeaway coffee from a local cafe, sat down, took a big sip and scalded his tongue on a very hot coffee.

Annoyed that this seemed to be a regular occurrence he looked at the lid and pondered how he might make it so the liquid cooled before it reached your tongue. Whilst he was in deep thought about this he noticed a large vacant space on the top of his coffee and the ADdysk concept was conceived.

Dean then went to many cafe outlets and collected samples of different takeaway coffee lids. One evening he sat down at his dining table and proceeded to use some crude tools like a cigarette lighter and the head of a flat nail to make some protruding nibs in heated plastic. A round circular disc was then able to be held in place without any adhesives – the concept worked.

Soon after this our company was formed, local and international patent protection was sought and a working prototype was produced. We then commissioned an engineering partner to develop, test and build machinery capable of producing our lids, inserting the discs and stacking the end product automatically.

We must also acknowledge the assistance of the The InnovationConnect (ICon) grant program. This is an ACT Government initiative designed to assist Canberra-based businesses develop innovative products or services.